Halloween with escorts

Halloween in October with escorts is my favourite time of the year. I love the excitement of dressing up, private Halloween parties and acting out my secret fantasy roleplay as a vampire.

A Halloween party, when i book two or three girls who dress as vampires, they are usually bi sexual escorts! It wouldn’t feel realistic if the escorts weren’t acting as sexual lesbian vampires?! I like to pretend that I am the lord vampire and my escorts roleplay that they are my sexual servants. Having my white skin caressed by my chosen Halloween party escorts really gets my pulse racing! My best orgasms are always at Halloween when I ask for vampire fantasy roleplay. I love it when escorts suck my penis dry! I like to roleplay with the escorts that I have sexual vampire energy and only I can fulfill their sexual needs. Sometimes at Halloween, I book an escort to fantasy roleplay as a virgin and we must take her pure sexual energy. Halloween with escorts is all about having sexual fun.

I personally don’t drink escorts blood and to be honest, this doesn’t interest me. Of course, there is a potential Aids or HIV risk! But for me, it’s not the blood that sexually aroused me. I am a fashion vamp or vampire role player. This means, I get sexually aroused when myself and my escort wear vampire roleplay costumes and we pretend to be vampires. In the vampire roleplay or vampire fetish, the term for myself is a “black swan” which means I am sympathetic to other vampires. Therefore, when an escort is roleplaying as a vampire, I do not harm or hurt her. I show the vampiress love, lust and arousal. A true vampire fetish does not resort to real blood or hurting an escort. Vampirism is not associated with any crime or bloodshed.

When I visit a new escort, who is new to vampire roleplay, she is called an escort fledging. Never has an escort felt frightened or intimidated with vampire roleplay. Infact, escorts love Vampire fantasy roleplay! There is something very sexy when an escort puts down her long hair, with her sharp teeth and bright red lipstick. At Halloween private parties, we all get ready together and do each other’s makeup. We prepare Halloween themed food and drink. Halloween fueled with red wine is great to replicate blood for a Halloween party with vampire escorts! I provide myself and the escorts with Halloween themed wine goblets to drink our blood wine out of. There is a dark atmosphere with lots of candles to set the Vampire theme, but it’s actually very sexy and romantic.

Halloween wouldn’t be Halloween without some adult themed party games! Vampire strip twister at the end of the night is always a favourite with escorts. After the Halloween party, we all sleep together in a large coffin that I had made especially for escorts.

The wonderful thing about Halloween is me and the escorts can go out in public in our vampire fancy dress and no one cares! We just look like a group of friends on a night out in vampire costumes. It’s the one night of the year that sexual vampires can go out in public, so it is a special night!